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10 Best Site To Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online 2020

Here today "Moviesdaflix" provides you 10 Best Site to Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online in 2020. If you missed out on these latest releases Bollywood movies when they were playing in theaters, then here's your choice to watch them all now! Add these Bollywood movies which came out in 2020, to your binge watch list right now.

10 Best Site to Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online in 2020

Bollywood Releases the highest number of movies per year like Romantic movies, Action movies, Comedy movies, Horror movies, Drama Movies, and many more movies in whole entertainment industries across the world.

So, for all the fans of Bollywood, there's always more and more to watch.  Compared to other entertainment industries globally in terms of the number of released movies, Bollywood takes the first place.

Streaming websites have become more popular and have become the primary source of entertainment. If you are a Bollywood fan and wish to watch the latest movies or even one of your old favorites, we have a list of the best websites you can go to in order to do the same. I know that downloading any type of pirated movie seems like a convenient option for many peoples who watch pirated movies, but such activities can attract a penalty.

Free Online Hindi Movies Sites List


Youtube is best to watch Indian Movies Online for Free without paying any type of money. In youtube there are many channels where you can stream many types of copyrighted Bollywood movies for free and legal. Some Youtube Channels like Rajshiri and Shemaroo movies are stream many large collections of older Hindi movies. Another legal Youtube Channel that allows you to stream copyrighted movies for free, with many classics and more modern titles to choose from. So go to YouTube Official Site and watch online.


Guys, If you looking for an exclusive collection of free Bollywood movies look no further than Hotstar. Hotstar has just uploaded all the content of Disney movies, shows, kids movies, kids shows, all the content on its website. Not only this, Marvel, Pixar, but Star Wars have also uploaded movies and best to Best Shows on Hotstar

Watch Free Bollywood Movies Online in 2020

And with this, the official name of Hotstar was also changed to Disnop Hotstar. Now on Hotstar, you can watch all the movies from kid's shows. There are some premium plans in this, if you take them then you can get full access to Hotstar, that is, you can watch all the movies and shows. But I would like to tell you again that even if you do not take premium plans, you will still get a lot of movies and shows to watch on Hotstar.  

Just as Lockdown is due to Coronavirus, there is a lot of craze in the Ramayana and Mahabharata everywhere. So, you can also go to Hotstar and watch Mahabharata and Ramayana for free, that too absolutely free.


Voot also has very good collections of Bollywood movies. On which you can see many new movies, old movies and many more. On Voot, you can watch not only all Bollywood movies but also Telugu movies, Kannada movies, Bengali movies, English Movies, and many more.

Yes, it is also in this that you have to take premium plans. But don't worry, you can watch movies without taking a premium plan. There are many movies on Voot that do not come in premium plans. Voot is more famous for Big Boss. 
On which you all can see, big boss. All the latest episodes too. All of you will also get a dedicated section in Voot in which you can watch many kids movies, kids shows. That too without any plan.
Jio Cinema is a free Hindi streaming app on which you can watch all types of movies, shows, all without paying any fee. This app is officially launched by Reliance Jio. Which is only for Jio users. If you use  Airtel, Idea and another SIM, then you can not enjoy it. Because as I just told you that if you are a user of Jio SIM, then only you can download this app and watch all movies and shows, without paying any fee.
If you are looking at a website on which you want to watch movies without any signup and login, then zee5 is a website where all of you just visit zee5's website and watch movies and shows without any signup and login. Yes, but you can get some premium plans on zee5, but if you want, you can enjoy a lot of movies and shows on zee5 without any plan. On zee5, you will get to see many old movies and superhit movies.


Bigflix is a service of Reliance Entertainment. In which you can watch movies and a lot of shows in HD quality. Yes, but it is not free of cost.

You get a few days of the free trial at Bigflix. But in this, you have to pay a certain amount in it and take a subscription. Bigflix has a large collection of movies

On Bigflix, you will find movies in different languages like Hindi, Tamil, Marathi, Bengali. You can watch movies and shows for Bigflix on your other devices like mobiles, computers, and tablets.


SonyLiv, a service provided by Sony Entertainment Company. In SonyLiv you will find a very large collection of Free Hindi Movies Online

You will also get all Sony television shows. In this too, you will get some collection free. But if you subscribe to SonyLiv, then you can see a collection of very big movies, which will be available only in Hindi. 

The best thing about this is that you get all the Sony television shows in it. That is, you can see its shows anywhere by downloading the SonyLiv app on other devices like mobiles. From Tarak Mehta's upside down Chasma to Kapil Sharma shows, you can see all the shows in this SonyLiv app.

Hungama Movies

Hungama movies, here you will also find a huge collection of super hits and BlockBuster Movies. But here you get a trail of this, which is 30 days. After 30 days of doing that, you have to subscribe to it. After giving the subscription, you can see a huge collection of superhit movies on Hungama Movies.

During the 30-day trial of Hungama Movies, you can watch all the movies free of cost. Hungama Movies does not charge you for 30 days. 

Along with Hungama movies, he also has a lot of Hungama songs. Which is known as Hungama Music. You can download the Hungama Music app by going to Google Play Store. Where you Millions will get the songs in HD quality also.


Through TvPlayer, you can watch 80+ live channels in HD Quality. And in 60+ channels, you can watch it without paying any amount. That is, free of cost you can watch 60+ live channels in TVplayer, that too in HD. Apart from 60+ live channels, you can watch the remaining channels through a small subscription.

 It runs only and only in the United Kingdom. It can be launched soon in other countries. TvPlayer also has some Hindi channels, which are for the Indian People in the United Kindom. You can do this on many devices like mobile too.


TataSky, this app belongs to the Tata group of industries. In this, you get the best of the best collections of many super hit movies. Also you get its 80+ live channels in HD Quality. "TataSky Laga Dala To Life Jingalala" You have heard this many times. Yes, it belongs to TataSky. 

TataSky is one of the best apps and best of all entertainment channels. In this, you have to make a monthly subscription. Only then you can enjoy all its channels.

Watch Hindi Movies Without Downloading

You can watch Hindi movies in two ways without downloading them. First of all, you can watch online by taking subscriptions of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar, in this you also get an option to download, in which you download and keep any movies once. After that you can watch that movie offline anytime.

Watch Free Hindi Movies Online

YouTube is an app on which you can download any video and watch it anytime in offline mode. You will get to see all the new movies, old movies, and movies in different languages ​​on YouTube. 

These are all platforms where you can watch Indian movies online without downloading. And if you want, you can also download and watch movies in offline mode.

How To Watch Online New Bollywood Movies?

There are many ways to watch Indian movies Online for Free, whether it is Hotstar, Voot, YouTube, SonyLiv, or any other website. If seen, Online Hindi Movies, English Movies, Tamil Movies, Bengali Movies, Telugu Movies on the Internet are full of movies in different languages. 

There are many such releases in the days. And nowadays, due to everyone being mobile and laptops in their hands, many people think that, as soon as the movies are released, we should look into other devices like our mobiles and laptops. So, people like these help pirated websites. 

Such as Tamilrockers, FilmyZilla, Moviesda, and others. It is illegal to download movies from all these websites or watch them online on these websites. Due to which the producers of movies have to suffer a huge loss. 

So "Moviesdaflix" is your only request that you go and watch all the new movies in the movie theaters. Or try taking subscriptions of apps like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hotstar. The latest movies on Netflix, Hotstar, Amazon Prime almost arrive within a few days of release, so take your subscription and enjoy all the latest movies.

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